If you have a question on how to get started, or how to use the features or functions of EZ sniper, you will find the information here. Problems with the site or service are addressed on the TROUBLESHOOTING pages.

Here are the topics you will find in the Tutorial:


Using the MY ACCOUNT Menu


The MY ACCOUNT menu is on the left sidebar under the EZsniper logo. If you don't see the left sidebar, click the menu icon.

The My Account menu is key in helping you manage your account and includes several pages, most of of which are self explanatory.


The Settings page has a variety of toggles and dropdowns you can use the set up your account to your liking. Turn thumbnails on to display images of your pending bids, select the language you prefer, set your bidding interval, choose to get emails from us or not. This is where you can make your EZsniper account your own.


The MANAGE LOGINS page will list all your available bidding accounts in one box. To manage your EZsniper login click the EZsniper LOGIN button. You may update or relink your bidding account on this interface. Special notes or instructions for each bidding account are also displayed. Add bidding accounts using the fields at the bottom of this box. Only auction sites which you do not already have a bidding account will be displayed in the dropdown. Choose the site, and add your login to create that new bidding account.


The ACCOUNT SERVICE page will display each bidding account you have and the service related to it. The matrix shows the time remaining on your service, what service you have, a button to add more service or restart your service, and two buttons to control the rebilling on your account.


The Billing History page shows the service transactions on your account. This could be subscriptions and renewals, or snipe lots purchased and debits to your snipe balance.


The Referrals page is where you will see the friends you have referred to EZsniper and the status of the free service you receive as a result of your referrals. You will receive the service credit when your referral becomes a paying EZsniper user. There is also a promo code field to use when we offer promotions.

The CHANGE EMAIL feature

This change-email feature is available on this menu when you are logged into your account. It is also available when you are logged out of your account by clicking the down arrow next to the login fields in the upper right corner of the home page.

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