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More on Bidding

Contingency bidding

CONTINGENCY bidding is an easy way to manage your bid sniping on more than one item, when you only want to win one of those items. This feature is a selectable function that automatically cancels a designated bid when you win an earlier auction with our sniper service. You generally engage the CONTINGENCY bidding feature when you add your snipe to our database. However, you may also do this later by clicking the EDIT button on the auction listing in your list of pending snipes. On either the ADD INTERFACE or the EDIT interface, there is a dropdown list of all the auctions you are sniping. Just select the auction you want the bid you are adding to be contingent upon from that list. Be sure you make the later auction contingent on the earlier auction. If you win the earlier auction, our system automatically cancels your bid on the second auction, and any other selected auctions. Of course, you can cancel any pending bid manually at any time.

Very often, users bidding on several similar items will daisy chain their snipes together so only one auction is won. To set this up, make bidding on auction B contingent on losing auction A. Make bidding on auction C contingent on losing B. And so on. If you win any of these auctions along the way, all subsequent bids will be canceled.

CONTINGENCY bidding may sound a little confusing, but our sniper system will warn you if you are mistakenly making an earlier auction contingent on a later auction. Also, auctions must be fifteen minutes apart for this function to work. If they are not, the sniper will warn you.

Bidding in international currencies

First, make note of the currency of the auction, and value your bid in the currency of the auction. EZ sniper makes no currency conversions. So, if the auction is in USD's, your bid should be valued in US dollars. If the auction is in GBP's, value your bid in British pounds. The currency of the auction is in bold type. Don't be confused by the conversion in smaller type that eBay provides. It is only there as courtesy to help you value your bid. Do not enter any other characters other the numbers of your bid and a single decimal. Do not enter $'s, €'s, £'s, ¥'s or any other currency-related characters. Do not enter a comma anywhere in the number, even if bidding in Euros. They will result in errors in your eBay bidding.. Enter only numbers and a single decimal in the appropriate place. Confirm your bid is correct in the listing that appears immediately after you click the SNIPE! button. Good luck with your bid.

Edit a bid

Once you have placed a bid, a listing will appear on the AUCTIONS page. This listing will include the information on the auction including your bid amount. On each pending bid listing there will be a EDIT button. Click that button to change your bid on the interface that appears. Be sure to do this before the last six minutes of the auction. If you don`t edit your bid earlier than six minutes before the end of the auction, your bid will not be changed.

Deleting a bid

Once you have placed at bid, it will appear on your list of pending auctions. There is a DELETE button on the right side of each pending bid. Click that button to eliminate your bid on that auction. Be sure to do this before the last six minutes of the auction. If you don`t delete it earlier than six minutes before the end of the auction, your bid will not be deleted.

Bidding increments

In order for your bid to be accepted by eBay and most other auction sites, it must be at least one BIDDING INCREMENT above the previous high bid. If it is not, your bid will not be accepted, even if it is more than the current high bid and it will receive a BID TOO LOW response. Auction sites including eBay call these "minimum bid increments".

The increments increase as the level of bidding increases, there are different increments for each currency, and each auction site has its own set of BIDDING INCREMENTS. Some sites let the seller determine the bidding increments. Here are eBay`s BIDDING INCREMENTs for several currencies:

The bidding interval, and how to change it

The BIDDING INTERVAL is the gap between when your bid is submitted and the end of the auction. The default is 5 seconds, but this interval is adjustable by you on the PREFERENCES tab. Use this setting to time your bid on eBay. A shorter BIDDING INTERVAL is not always the best strategy. Check out our SNIPER TIPS page for advice on the best bidding technique for you.

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