This is what our users have to say about EZ sniper!

I wanted to thank you again for EZsniper and point out something others might miss. Of course, I like winning auctions. But even when I lose, I do well. Prior to EZsniper, I used to get into bidding wars and spend much more than I wanted to. I love winning, but I also love not overpaying because I fell into the trap of thinking it's only $2.00 more than I was going to go with my last bid, but in the end it was only $2 twenty or thirty times, so I spent 40 to 60 dollars over my initial top bid. So when I win, I save money or spend what I wanted, and when I lose, I save because I didn't fall into the trap. I also hadn't been buying as much due to pain. With summer coming, my pain should let up, and I'll be back in the game. Thanks again, I just wanted you know I appreciate EZsniper, win or lose it's keeping more of my money in my pocket
-- K.D. 3/3/24

Thanks guys! BTW, I push your site in the many comic book groups I belong to over on Facebook.
-- Gm. 2/6/24

World Class customer service! Many thanks!
-- K.R. 2/5/24

Wow, I am REALLY IMPRESSED that you acted so honorably and swiftly. This makes me really like EZsnipe, and prompts me to very positively promote you to my colleagues from now on!
-- C.T. 9/14/23

I just want you guys to know I've been using you guys for years, and you guys do not disappoint. So I just wanted to email you guys to let y'all know that I absolutely love this website and you guys always kill it. I will continue to use this website for the rest of my life and If you had a one time lifetime subscription I would buy it in a heart beat. Thanks again!
-- J.B. 9/8/23

Thanks so much for your email. Fantastic service!
-- J.C. 8/23/23

Thank you, thank you, thank you, awesome service!
-- D.O. 8/13/23

I am back in business with EZsniper. Thanks for your assistance. A+ for customer support!!
-- J.K. 11/30/22

Just a quick note to thank you for being there with a reliable service year after year! I will tell my son about your reliable service.
-- P.H. 4/13/22

Excellent service...customer for life!
-- B.S. 2/27/22

Thank you! First time I've used your service, won the auction, and I'm a big fan!
-- R.P. 2/1/22

Just wanted to say thanks. I've been using EZsniper for years now. Still love it. Yeah! :o)
-- D.D. 1/8/21

Thank you for a great app. Well done guys.
-- J.M. 8/15/21

I just wanted to email you to say you guys are killing it! Seriously, you guys have me as a lifetime customer.
-- J.B. 8/7//21

Fantastic response time! Thank you, EZsniper!
-- L.E. 7/5/21

Just wanted to say thanks!! A great tool. Being in an odd time zone and needing my sleep is no longer a problem!!!
-- G.L. 4/14/21

Excellent bidding service! You guys nail it every time!
-- C.F. 4/4/21

Wow, thanks for the quick response. Tell your boss to give you a raise. I tell everybody about you guys, great service.
-- J.O. 1/24/21

Hi, I would just like to say many thanks to your sniper system that tonight has enabled me to win an item I have been waiting 25 years to own.
-- J.C. 9/11/20

Simply the best eBay Sniper platform out there, period. Worth every penny! Thanks!!
-- T.D. 12/29/19

Prompt reply, clear, concise. Well done. Thank you for your help.
-- D.M. 8/14/19

Thank you for such prompt service. This is truly exceptional service.
-- M.M 8/13/19

I think it's even better that the shipping cost can be displayed in the auctions, which makes it easy to modify the highest bid. Every time I click to edit the highest bid, I always wonder how much the postage is. That's perfect.
-- Q. 1/13/19

Thanks for a great tool!
-- M.R. 12/10/18

Your customer service is super accommodating and humane (what a concept in 2018!). That’s why I keep recommending your service over all others.
-- K.H. 11/20/18

Hi, I wanted to say 'thanks' for your site & services. For over a decade now, I've been using this on occasion and found it to be very rewarding being able to acquire things I'd either miss out on on eBay or would have otherwise had to 'stay home' on a Saturday because of an item ending at 2pm. I would have missed a lot of time riding my Harley. Many purchases I searched & waited months or longer for to find. It was possible to acquire with your services. I've referred many to your site over the years. So, I just wanted to say a genuine 'Thank You' for making it possible for making one thing in my life very simple & rewarding!
-- A.P. 7/28/18

I appreciate EZsniper's fast customer support. This is the 2nd issue I've had over the years and both times your customer service quick response assures me you care about your customers. Thanks!
-- D.D. 1/17/18

Love EZsniper...I don't know how people do ebay without it.
-- P.O. 11/22/17

Wow, wasn't sure if I'd get an answer at all, especially on a Saturday. Thank you for a very quick, correct reply. I can access my account now. That is truly the kind of response of people who care about their business and customers. Thanks,
-- R.J. 7/30/17

You did a great job, it works as in the old days. Many thanks for your effort.
-- A.B. 5/30/17

Your interface is brilliantly simple, and I think I've been using it over 10 years on almost all my bidding. Happy Holidays,
-- R.T. 12/16/16

I just love you guys...you never miss a beat!!!
-- M.S. 10/20/16

Your service is OUTSTANDING! You have sniped – and won – three auctions for me. I will be signing up for your service.
-- P.B. 9/26/16

Thank you for the prompt response. Very impressed. Love this service.
-- J.L. 8/26/16

I have used several sniping services, and you guys are by leaps and bounds the best!
-- M.H. 8/3/16

Thank-you! I have told many people about your service!
-- P.H. 6/30/16

I love using the Snapper tool, it's the best and easiest way to bid on eBay. Ezsniper is a terrific program- does just what it's supposed to do without me having to jump through hoops to use it. Great work!
-- A.B. 4/20/16

I love this site as it doesn't promote higher bidding prices, like eBay's auto bidders do!! Otherwise , you have to sit on the auctions at the time they're scheduled to end, like I used to have to do before snipers came along!! I used to use (another bidding service), but eBay got wise to them!! Thanks Again !!
-- K.Z. 1/10/16

Hey - great new interface! Really EZ!
-- R.K. 1/3/16

Well, how cool is that? For the record, I've been using EZsniper for a long time¦since its inception. I love it and tell everyone about it. Thanks so much for your prompt reply and here's to HAPPY SNIPING!
-- A.H. 12/13/15

Thanks for doing a great job...you never miss a beat.
-- M.S. 11/12/15

Thank you for the prompt service. I love EZsniper! I wish everyone had such good customer service.
-- J.S. 8/23/15

Thank you much; you just saved me time and money. I was a sniper-virgin until about six minutes ago ('enjoying a smoke at the moment). I'll be sure to carry on with you. Why did I wait so long?? PS: Â I've now got a new watch coming in, via eBay, thank you.
-- M.S. 7/6/15

I'm looking for a home with EZsniper. My eBay purchases are well over 700+, so you know I'm serious. I was with (another bidding service) for over 13 years, and may use them again, but only as a BACKUP! I'm cancelling my account with (still another bidding service) today. Their site is down again. I have only been with them a little over a month and won a few things, but their DESKTOP shortcut takes to long to open, if it opens at all. EZsniper stands out to ME because of the many other auction sites you offer that I want to get into sometime in then future. Also, setting up my account was easy, and I like the Snapper feature. You have a very professional site, much better than most pay-as-you-go sites. The free sniping sites are very poor at instructions and layout of the site, even if they work sometimes. YEP I THINK I FOUND A HOME!!!!!
-- B.C.S. 6/27/15

Damn y'all are a pretty great service...w/no ads?
-- B.S. 3/13/15

EZsniper has worked well for me. I am happy with the performance thus far. Keep up the good work.
-- J.R. 3/6/15

I prefer to pay for the service and I have benefited greatly from your service.
-- G.B. 2/18/15

Thank you so much for the brilliant service and quick reply:)
-- A.F. 1/17/15

Thank you so much! I love your site. It has helped me so much over the years. Please have a happy holiday and thank you for getting back to me.
-- J.D. 12/22/14

I won both auctions!!! Thanks so much for your help!!!
-- P.B. 12/18/14

I'll be sniping a lot this month. I continue to tell others of your awesome service! Thanks again
-- E.B. 12/5/14

I do not know what I would do without EZsniper; love it! Thank you for it!!
-- G.Y. 11/24/14

Thanks very much for that, EZsniper. I am impressed by the quick resolution/reply to the few instances I have needed support. A great service. Cheers,
-- C.H. 11/3/14

You guys rule...I seriously LOVE you guys...
-- M.M. 11/1/14

Thank you so much. I cant tell you how much I appreciated your companies past Shopgoodwill.com service. In fact I'm positive it was the only such service ever available for this large and growing site. You guys are true market leaders and innovators on this front.
-- J.J. 10/23/2014

It's nice to be able to communicate with someone other than a machine.
-- J.T. 6/24/14

It worked great! I just won a sniped item! Your the best!!!!!!!!!!
-- M.R. 6/20/14

Thank You! I wanna say since I found EZsniper it has been a godsend to me on e-bidding. I have won many fine items at auction using EZsniper over the years. If every answer to my many problems could be answered as efficiently as a service like EZsniper, my life would be perfect. Thankx again,
-- T.S. 5/27/14

Thanks so much for your quick response!! Amazing! Will recommend you. You guys have it toooooooooogethar.
-- N.T. 5/19/2014

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of EZsniper. It really seems great having someone to watch my back and bid for me when I am away from my computer, and have won quite a number of auctions. You have a great service. Thanks again.
-- R.L. 3/20/14

What would I ever do without you? I would never win ANYTHING! Now I KNOW I'll get whatever it is if I'm just willing to pay enough. Thank you so much, EZsniperpeople! XX00,
-- N.P. 4/3/14

This event let me find out about EZsniper's excellent customer service. Is so rare these days to find customer reps that are so knowledgeable, smart and patient. I hope they send me a survey! :) Thanks again for all your help!
-- V.K. 2/26/14

This was great, Thank you!!! I don't buy much online but when I do, you'll be there.
-- W.S. 2/23/14

I love EZsniper because it makes the "other half" of eBay accessible to me. Previously, I would not buy except "Buy It Now" items because I was not willing to spend the required effort and time on auctions. Now I actually prefer auctions for items I don't need right away. THANKS !!
-- E.S. 1/31/14

EZsniper is just great. I have won every bid I have used it for. All the best!
-- G.M. 1/24/14

I really appreciate the great service and fast response!!
-- L.J. 1/14/14

Thank you for your immediate response. Impressive! Have enjoyed using your service and will continue to do so,
-- J.W. 10/22/13

Thank you so much!! I love EZsniper, because if I'm willing to pay. I ALWAYS get what I want! Well worth the money, and I appreciate your attention to my concerns!
-- N.P. 10/18/13

This is brilliant. Now I don't have to sit and watch my items. Just set it and forget it. Thanks,
-- B.H. 10/7/13

I have only been using your system for a few days and love it. In fact I have signed up for a full year of service. So far I have successfully won 20 auctions using EZsniper and plan on many more. Thanks again.
-- S.W. 9/29/13

I love EZsniper, thanks for all your hard work in making and keeping this site working!
-- M. 9/22/13

How good EZ Sniper is. After numerous last-second disappointments over the last few weeks, a friend recommended you to me. I signed up and within 6 hours had a successful bid at the first attempt, well within my target price! Thanks, and well done. I'll be making all future bids with EZ Sniper "riding shotgun".
-- K.B. 8/24/13

-- R.M. 8/20/13

Great service - bid what you want to pay at the end and leave the rest eating your dust!
-- S.O. 7/27/13

I always wondered why I was losing bids at the last moment. Then I found EZ Sniper. You know what they say? "If you can't beat them, join them". You guys are terrific! You got me two things I really wanted. Couldn't have done it without you!!! Thanks
-- W.E. 7/6/13

I must say, I am mighty impressed with your software. It is one incredible thing !!
-- P.J. 6/8/13

I just love the service. Frankly, I doubt I would use eBay without EZ. I have used EZ exclusively and will continue to do so in the future. The rebill was me not paying attention and I appreciate your understanding and refund very much. Thanks,
-- E.M. 5/20/13

You guys are great! Thank you so much! I will definitely be using this site again!
-- L.K. 4/5/13

Hey Snipers! Once again, you've won me the prize I wanted. I've always wanted one of these radios; and tonight, thanks to your fabulous programme, I've got one!
-- J.G. 3/15/13

This is an unsolicited message coming your way to express my grateful thanks for the very fine service you render which has helped me to secure some fine covers of Great Britain on e-bay with last minute bidding. I will continue to be your good customer & in proof there of I am paying a fresh amount in my account. I shall also recommend your fine service to friends at every opportunity. Many Thanks
-- D.G. 3/14/13

I should pass along that I think your sniping service overall has been excellent and I have recommended you guys to numerous friends and family. I'm extremely glad I found this service. Wish I found it years ago!!
-- R.C. 3/3/13

Let me first say....you guyzz are THE BEST!! Your responses are personable and professional, quick and informative,...what a pleasantry! Thanks for your time and help. Cya!
-- E.B. 2/17/13

Thank you so much! I just won my bid, and EZsniper helped. I was watching the last few minutes of a bid, and I was getting sniped by someone else. I finally managed to outbid their max, by $10 (high bid of $95). To my amazement, the final winning bid (mine, courtesy of EZsniper) was $85.05, saving me money and winning the bid. I see through the FAQ page that there are a few options for pricing. I'm probably the lowest use customer you'll ever meet- I've had my eBay account for 10 years? I think I've bought 4 or 5 items.
-- B.J. 2/16/13

EZsniper is the best! Love it! Thanks.
-- J.P. 2/6/13

I am very impressed!
-- B.S. 2/5/13

EZ Sniper ROCKS!! I use it all the time....almost feel sorry for the guys that have been bidding all auction long only to have "their" item snatched away in the last seconds..LMFAO
-- M.H. 1/17/13

Thanks for site,it is far easier to use than your main opposition, and so far have won every auction.
-- D.R. 12/9/12

Hello - your service is fantastic! You have almost made my Christmas.
-- E.C. 12/3/12

Yo EZsniper!! Thanks once again for getting me the "prize" !! Great programme.
-- H.G. 11/25/12

Hi - just wanted to say - great site and great toolkit, thanks!
-- A.S. 11/23/12

Thank you. I swear I think your one of the best, friendliest companies I've ever dealt with!
-- A. 11/14/12

I love you guys!
-- D.T.M. 11/5/12

Thank you very much. This is an excellent response and far superior to eBay's handling of issues. I'm very grateful.
-- D.S. 10/22/12

Thanks, your response was very thorough and that is refreshing to have great customer service. You answered my query and additional info is very helpful for me to be a successful SNIPER!
-- D.B. 10/22/12

I want to thank you for helping me win my auction on eBay. I wanted this scale badly! It's a good scale and I knew it would draw a lot if interest and last minute bidding. That's why I used EZsniper. It puts me on a level playing field with other bidders. Thank you very much.
-- S.B. 10/21/12

Thanks, very good sniping. I am very impressed. You got me as a customer.
-- J.W. 10/16/12

I love you guy's service. It pays for itself. I will definitely use EZsniper. Thanks.
-- P.C. 10/7/12

Never lets me down. I just set ... and forget.
-- J.B. 10/5/12

I just signed up, which was easy, and won my first bid on eBay! Thanks.
-- L.N. 9/25/12

Thank you for making my purchase of a Norton motorcycle possible.
-- S.B. 9/16/12

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