If you have a question on how to get started, or how to use the features or functions of EZ sniper, you will find the information here. Problems with the site or service are addressed on the TROUBLESHOOTING pages.

Here are the topics you will find in the Tutorial:


How to Bid

Entering a bid

You need to be logged into your EZsniper account and have a bidding account for the auction site you want to snipe in order to enter a bid for sniping. Just login by entering your username and password in the LOGIN fields in the upper right corner of the home page. That will take you to your AUCTIONS page where you may enter bids on the ADD INTERFACE on the right side of the page, and where you see the bids you have entered into our database for sniping. The ADD INTERFACE is on most pages when you are logged into EZsniper.

Copy and paste the auction number from the auction page and place it in the appropriate field of the ADD INTERFACE, enter your bid amount in the currency of the auction, select the auction site, and click the SNIPE! button. Your bid is in our database and ready for sniping when the listing appears to the below the ADD INTERFACE. Verify your bid is correct on the bid listing. Do not enter a '#' (pound/number sign) in front of the auction number, and do not enter any currency-related characters or commas in your bid. Your bid must only contain numbers, and a single decimal in the appropriate place. These are all required fields, but there others which are not required.

The CONTINGENCY field is used when you want to cancel later bids after winning an earlier auction. More on CONTINGENCY bidding in the MORE ON BIDDING section. The QUANTITY field defaults to one, but is used to bid on Dutch auctions in which there is more than one item up for bid in a single auction. Remember, the proxy system is not used in Dutch auctions, so your maximum bid will be delivered and used. NOTES is used when you want to add some information which will appear on the bid listing on your AUCTIONS page.

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