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Problems Bidding or Seeing Bid Listings

My bid is not showing up, and I don't know if I have entered a bid.

Usually this happens when the user doesn't click the SNIPE! button in the ADD INTERFACE. After you have entered the auction number and your bid, be sure to click it. Your bid will appear as a listing on your AUCTIONS page. Verify your bid is correct.

I have entered a bid, but I can't find the bid listing on the Auctions or Archive page.

To help you find the listing, you may sort your bid listings by any of the data in the columns on your list. Just click the column header to sort by that data. The column headers are Seller, End, #Bids, etc. Click the column header again to reverse the order. For example, to display your bids according to the time remaining in the auction, click the ENDS column header. Click it again to reverse the order. You may do this on any of the columns. The last sort you choose becomes the default.

I have more bids than are showing on my Auctions page. Where are they?

There two dropdowns at the top of your bid listings, a SHOW dropdown, and a SITE dropdown. You can display listings based on the status of your bid, i.e. if it is Pending, Won, Bid Too Low, etc. by using the SHOW dropdown. You can also display listing based on which auction site the bid is for by using the SITE dropdown. Only sites for which you have bidding accounts will appear in the dropdown. The NORMAL choice in the SHOW dropdown and ALL choice in the SITE dropdown give you the most listings. What you have selected in this field when you logout becomes your default.

You may also have more than one page of listings. Be sure to look beyond the first page. You may want to send some of your completed auctions to the archive. You may also sort your auctions so the ones ending soon are at the top of your list. Just click the ENDS column header to sort by that column. Click it again to reverse the order. You may do this on any of the columns.

Why am I getting an INVALID AUCTION response when I enter my bid?

If you enter an auction number, and include the '#' sign, you will get this error. If the auction has ended, you will also get this response.

My bid is not correct on my list of auctions.

You have probably entered a character which is causing the problem. Do not enter any other characters other the numbers of your bid and a single decimal. Do not enter $'s, €'s, £'s, ¥'s or any other currency-related characters. Do not enter a comma anywhere in the number, even if bidding in Euros. They will result in errors in your bid, usually changing it to zero. Enter only numbers and a single decimal in the appropriate place. Confirm your bid is correct in the listing that appears immediately after you click the SNIPE! button.

I have already bid on eBay. Will I be bidding against myself if I use your sniping service?

As long as you use the same username and password with EZsniper as you use to bid manually on the auction site, you will not be bidding against yourself. You may see a bid arrive late in the auction from our sniper system, but it will not advance your bid needlessly.

My bid was higher than the winning bid, but I didn't win. Why?

This is the #1, most-asked question from our users. You probably did not bid enough above the previous high bid to exceed the bid increment. eBay, and all auction sites, has what they call "minimum bid increments". Your bid was less than the required amount above the high bid, so our sniper system returned a BID TOO LOW response after it submitted your bid. And, because it was too low when it arrived at eBay, your bid may not appear in the eBay bidding history. We get this reaction frequently, so we address it in the FAQ's and the TUTORIAL.

My bid doesn't show on the eBay bidding history

There are a few reasons this may happen. The first thing to check is the STATUS response you got for the auction on your list of bids. Most frequently, your bid was too low when it arrived at eBay, and therefore, was not accepted. You would have gotten a BID TOO LOW response on this auction. If the bid is not accepted by eBay, it will not be displayed. Only bids that advance the bidding are displayed on the auctions bidding history.

There are other reasons your bid may not appear in the eBay bidding history. Let the bid status response you received on the auction be your guide. Get more information on the response you received on the TUTORIAL page, or on the FAQ's.

I am entering a bid and a warning is popping up that says I need to be a verified bidder. What's that?

This is an eBay requirement for bids of $15,000 or more. To bid in this range, you must be a 'verified' bidder. There are a few simple steps eBay asks you to take to become a verified bidder. You may get more information HERE.

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