As a frequent eBay bidder, you must be concerned about the security of your workstation. Whether it is spyware, spam, or popups, it can cost you time and money. Not to mention the breach of security that comes with most spyware. This is why we have partnered with one of the leading companies to bring you software to protect your computer, and your information.

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Spy Sweeper Version 3.2
Spyware can be a huge problem for a PC. It often makes your computer slow, your internet slow, and can compromise critical information such as email addresses, credit card numbers, and ever your ebay login and password. If you do not have an anti-spyware solution installed, we recomend that you install Spy Sweeper. Spy Sweeper has a free trial, and even won the PC Magazine Editor's Choice award. Here is what others have to say about Spy Sweeper:

"A subscription product, Spy Sweeper automatically updates itself with what seems to be a wonderfully current database. The program found a couple of spyware apps and traces that even our previous Editors' Choice, SpyBot Search & Destroy, left happily running on our test systems."
Konstantinos Karagiannis
PC Magazine
"Sweeping for Spies, Improved"
September 16, 2003

"Without a marvelous program from Webroot, called Spy Sweeper, this privacy invasion could have gone on indefinitely."
Dan Dubno

"Spy Sweeper is an impressive combatant in the battle against spyware the best of all the applications we tested at finding spyware in on-demand scans. It also proved very good at removing it.

The fact that it is easy to use and provides you with enough information to make good choices when youre faced with spyware puts it over the top. If you already have a good antivirus and firewall system but lack specific spyware protection (and believe us, you need it), Spy Sweeper is the application you should consider first.

Webroot Softwares Spy Sweeper 2.2 is the most effective stand-alone tool for detecting, removing, and blocking spyware."
PC Magazine
March 2, 2004

"Webroot's Spy Sweeper is easier to use than SpyBot." -David Coursey, ZDNet May 5, 2003

Spam Shredder
Webroot Spam Shredder filters undesired email advertising to save you time and hard drive resources. It auto-configures Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora accounts for immediate spam relief. The smart learning engine studies your decisions to keep or delete spam to more effectively sort future email. Whitelist and Blacklist features let you identify email that should be immediately delivered or instantly deleted.

Pop Up Washer
Delivery of pop-ups has recently grown by 400%. Most pop-ups are intrusive and impede your Internet connection while consuming valuable bandwidth. Pop Up Washer works seamlessly with Internet Explorer to block unwanted pop-ups and pop-unders without visible screen "blink" distractions, while still permitting user-initiated and navigational pop-ups to ensure key information is delivered. One-click activation turns blocking on or off.

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