General Billing, Cancellation and Refund Policy

Trial Period

The trial period is described elsewhere on the site and will continue until it expires. Any service you purchase will begin at the end of your trial period. You will not lose any free service from the trial period by purchasing service during the trial period.


EZsniper users have their choice of three services: subscriptions, pre-paid snipes or commission payments as described on our Prices page. The initial billing is processed immediately when using a credit card or Paypal when the Paypal account is funded by a credit card. Echecks and Paypal payments where the account is funded by a bank account take a few days to clear. Service begins when the payment clears and continues until the end of the service. Subscriptions utilize months which last 31 days. Service will be replenished automatically when it expires or is deminished. The user can turn the rebilling function off at any time on his 'My Account' page using the END REBILLING button. It can be turned back on using the RESUME SERVICE button.

Subscriptions rebill overnight following the last day of service. Pre-paid snipes rebill when the available snipes on the account drop to zero. The account must have a snipe on account for each pending bid. For example, if the account has 5 pending bids, and 5 snipes remaining on the account, the account will be replenished with a new lot of snipes. Snipes are only deducted from the account when the auction is won. EZcash accounts will be replenished when the balance falls below $1.

If the rebilling of the account has ended, the user will not be permitted to enter bids when the subscription has expired, or if the number of snipes on the account is equal to the number of pending bids. Debits to EZcash accounts continue until the balance in the EZcash account is exhausted. Accounts using pre-paid snipes or EZcash will debited only when the auction is won.


There is no need to cancel the Free Trial. It will just end when the trial period expires, and you will not be billed. During the Free Trial, we have not asked for or received any billing information. We will ask for this information when you choose to purchase service. No action is required to cancel the Free Trial.

You may end the rebilling on your account by clicking the END REBILLING button on your 'My Account' page. This protects your account from future price increases and ends your service with the current cycle. Click the RESUME SERVICE button to restart your service. This gives the user complete control over the rebilling of his account. The rebilling on your account may also be ended by contacting us using the 'Contact Us' form on the SUPPORT menu. You must allow at least 24 hours for us to manually cancel the rebilling on your account. When the rebilling on your account is canceled, your service will terminate at the end of your current service cycle.


Our goal is to be fair and accommodating with our users knowing that doing business online can sometimes be trying. We provide a Free Trial to be sure our service is to the user's liking before any purchase of service. We also give bonus service for larger Ezcash deposits, free service for referrals, and payments for new users through our Affiliate program. With this in mind, we will offer refunds for billing irregularities such as duplicate charges or erroneous purchases. We will offer a refund if a user's account has been rebilled and the account has not been used. In this case, refunds are available for the current billing cycle, and only when we are contacted within 60 days of the transaction. We will offer pro-rated refunds to users effected by service problems originating with our system. We will offer service credit for problems originating at points out of our control, i.e. auction site, Internet, etc. Issues with a user's individual sniper account such as login problems or auction site account problems will not warrant a refund. It is the user's responsibility to maintain both his sniper and auction site accounts.
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