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The eBay Auction Sniper

Sniping eBay auctions with EZsniper gives you the critical, competitive advantage to win more auctions, and win them at lower prices. EZsniper delivers your bids in the final seconds so your interest is kept private and protected from incremental bidders. EZsniper only bids enough to make you the high bidder, up to your maximum bid. Serious collectors and professional dealers know to bid only once, late in the auction. Join EZsniper and try it free.


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EZsniper is unmatched as an eBay Auction Sniper

Track Record

We are the PROVEN eBay auction sniping service, winning auctions for our users since 2001.



Bids are submitted from multiple locations to ensure your winning bid reaches eBay on time.


We help you master the bidding process, and win more auctions. If you have questions, we are here to help.

Why Snipe

Sniping Overview

Win More Auctions

If your competition doesn't see your bid until the final seconds, you will catch him unaware, with no time to respond.

Save Time

No need to monitor your auctions. Just place your max bid with us, and we do the rest. We notify you if your bid has been exceeded.

Save Money

Bid once, when it counts, at the end of the auction. And, your bid will only be raised enough to make you the high bidder.

Stay Secure

With eBay API integration, no need to share your eBay login credentials.

Stay Private

Keep your bid private until the final moments of the auction to prevent "bidding wars" which drive prices up.

Free Service

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