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Last Second Bidding

EZ Sniper, Your Auction Sniper

EZ Sniper has been bidding since 2001. You can snipe on eBay and many other auction sites. Find out why EZ sniper is the best eBay auction sniper available.

EZ sniper Features:

  • Win more auctions at a lower price.
  • Free options available
  • Unmatched support, prompt & professional
  • Bookmarklet for easy sniping
  • Group bidding helps bidding on multiple auctions for one item
  • Much More!

UNIVERSITY STUDIES confirm sniping wins more eBay auctions.

The compelling case for late bidding with EZ sniper

  • Win More Auctions - catch other bidders unaware!
  • Save Money - bid once, when it counts.
  • Privacy - bids are concealed & secure.
  • Flexibility - change or delete bids at will.
  • Safety - pay just enough to win.
  • Convenience - frees you to do other things

Use EZ sniper, the eBay Auction Sniper to bid!

EZ sniper places your bid at the last second of eBay and 40 other auction sites. This gives your competition no time to respond to your bid. And, because your bid is not revealed until the final seconds of the auction, your knowledge of the item's value is kept private. Serious collectors and professional dealers know to bid once, late in the auction.

The EZ sniper Price Advantage

  • FREE Trial! - Win 3 auctions free!
  • 10¢ snipes, none cheaper.
  • Bonus Service on most deposits.
  • Free Service for referrals.
  • More Service Options than any other sniper.

EZ sniper Wins Auctions

EZ sniper operates from our redundant server clusters in multiple locations, on a high-speed Internet connection for unsurpassed reliability. There is nothing to download or install on your computer. Your computer doesn't even have to be on, or online. EZ sniper bids in any currency, on any of eBay's international sites, plus 40 other auction sites the others don't.

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